We have been designing, making and selling furniture with the theme "cute life for cool people" since 1995. Also, we have been introducing a new lifestyle with furniture as well as participating various events. We can plan interior at shops and utensils to match your order.

Furniture Design Agra Storehouse Sapporo
2-1F, South 6 East 1, Chuo-ku,
Sapporo 060-0056 Japan
Tel/ 81-11-533-4149
Open: 11:00 - 19:00

Nomrano Agra  Itarian Supper
2-1F, South 6 East 1, Chuo-ku,
Sapporo 060-0056 Japan
Tel/ 81-11-533-4147
Open: 18:00 - 03:00

キュートな生活を求める、クールな大人たちに、たのしんでいただきたくて、気持ちのいい家具たちにかこまれて、ゆっくりくつろいでいただけるカフェスペース「AgraBowl アグラボウル」、夜はイタリアのごはん、「NOMRANO AGRA」をはじめます。キュートな家具、オシャレなサウンド、コイキなドリンク、トータルな空間を提案します。もちろん家具やインテリアのご相談にもきらりと光るアドバイスをいたします。コンフィーなラウンジイベントも定期的にひらいています。

We have opened the cafe "Agra Bowl" & Itarian Supper"NOMRANO AGRA" in order to make cool people, who are looking for a cute life, relax and enjoy to be surrounded by good furniture. We propose cute furniture, nice sound, delicious juice and total space. We are, of course, glad to advise on furniture and interior. The comfortable lounge even is held regularly.